When an individual needs a house to rent, he must meet certain requirements proposed by the owner of the house. People who fail to meet these requirements are not eligible to acquire house or complexes. 

The type of qualitative analysis of these tenants is referred to as tenant screening. All rental property owners performed a tenant screening, because tenants would be an unknown person to the owner of the house. 

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He may not know the history of previous life and family background. Providing homes to tenants without knowing him is dangerous. If the tenant does not pay rent regularly, the homeowner will be in trouble. 

Screening by the agency people is superior to the screening process carried out by management or individual owners. Agency people can investigate the previous history of the tenants. 

Thus they can easily analyze the previous curriculum vitae and collect information about criminal things, credit and previous leases if any. 

They can also go through the details of their work in connection with salary and can determine whether they can pay rent that is demanded by homeowners. 

Every homeowner wants their tenants to be trustworthy and sincere in everything. Therefore the tenant screening is a key factor as far as the house renting business is concerned. At present it has become common everywhere.